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Interactive Add-Ons

Whether you're looking for that perfect Photo Booth backdrop, or you would like to level up the engagement with a TV monitor  or props, Elite Events BH has you covered. We have an extensive collection of Photo Booth Backdrops which are suitable for Weddings, Corporate Events, Graduation Ceremonies, Private Parties etc.  Our Backdrops are Premium Quality Tension Fabric Photo Backdrops, designed specifically for photo booths. These photo backdrops are wrinkle free and non-reflective, to provide the optimal background for high quality photos.

Our awesome 360 Booths and Photo Booths are even more amazing when paired with a TV Monitor and Sharing station. Watch the replays of your impressive moves on the TV screen, while having access to download your social media ready videos and photos from the live web gallery via the Sharing Station. The sleek design and effortless usability, ensures that your guests remain fully engaged and entertained even when another guest is on the 360 Booth platform, and the spotlight of the attention.

We're also pleased to introduce our LED Vogue Booth, which is sure to be highlight of your next Brand Activation or Celebration. The Elite Events LED Vogue Booth brings a level of sophistication and exclusivity, reserved for the most glamorous events.This Vogue Booth will definitely be the standout interactive artwork concept at your next event.

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