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360 Photo Booth

Our 360 booth is a celebration must-have, and will take the spotlight of your next gathering. The 360 photobooth experience is magical! Entertain the crowd and take high quality videos of your event. The 360 photo booth is the best photo booth for your Weddings, Brand Activations, Graduations and Corporate events! 

Elevate your event and take your party to the next level with a 360 Photo Booth from Elite Events BH.

How does the 360 Photo Booth Work?


Step 1

We Set-Up the Booth


Step 2

Guest stands on the 360 Booth platform


Step 3

Attendant Records 360 Video which is then edited by our software

Step 4

Guest Downloads Video by Airdrop, SMS, QR Code or Email


Step 5

Share Videos  and Have Fun!

How does the 360 Photo Booth Setup Look? 

High Speed Cameras


360 Booth Platform


Instant Video Editing

Elite Events 360 Booth Setup with TV.png

Safety Barrier


LED Lighting


Instant Video Sharing

Elite Events BH 360 Photo Booth keeps your guests entertained with exciting and engaging 360 videos, featuring Boomerang, Slow Motion, and other visual effects. Our 360 Booth uses high speed cameras on a rotating arm, to record "buttery-smooth"  slow motion video at 120 frames per second. The included professional lighting ensures that the video quality is pristine in the brightest outside day, or the darkest indoor night-club. The videos are perfectly suited for social media, and can be easily sent instantly from our software to the user via Airdrop, WhatsApp, Email or Text Message. Additionally, the videos can be branded with your company or event details for the "wow-factor". All videos will also be available on a live web-gallery for 6 months after the event, giving the event host the flexibility to download and use the videos as part of a marketing campaign.

How does the 360 Photo Booth Output Look?